Room temperature sensor in the surface-mounted hou

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Room temperature sensors are the ideal and inexpensive solution for
Indoor applications in the HVAC sector. The simple, functional housing enables one
easy installation and, in case of service, a quick change of the sensor unit. The
Temperature signal is an active or passive output (tolerance class A or class B)
to disposal. The lower parts are attached directly using 2 fixing screws or using a
Adapter frame screwed directly to the wall. When installing, make sure that
the ventilation slots are perpendicular to the wall. Through the guaranteed good
Air circulation can ensure an accurate temperature measurement.

Typical applications:
– Temperature monitoring in residential and office buildings
– Temperature monitoring in control cabinets
– Air conditioning in museums and hotels
– Building management in warehouses

Technical specifications:
Temperature sensors: Please take from the table
Measuring range: -30 … + 60 ° C
Measuring current: approx. 1 mA
Insulation resistance: At 20 ° C and 500V DC, typically 100 MOhm
Electrical connection: screw terminals max. 1.5mm²
Connection type: 2-wire connection
Housing: polyamide (plastic)
Dimensions: 75 x 75 x 25mm
Color: upper part pure white (similar to RAL 9010) and lower part black
Installation: On flush-mounted box, optional adapter frame
Degree of protection: IP30
Protection class: III
Storage temperature: -30 … + 50 ° C
Operating temperature: -30 … + 60 ° C

Scope of delivery: Room temperature sensor in the surface-mounted housing

Dimensions (HxWxD): 87x91x25mm

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